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We use technical SEO, all-star content, streamlined designs, high converting email campaigns and link building. That build up your website for lasting results. Your rankings will not go away in the next google update we create content and designs for your customer.

Our work is hands-on, transparent, and 100%  guaranteed.

” Googles Algorithm is Hiding in Plain Sight “

* Ted Kubaitis ,  CEO Cora Software

A little Bit About Our Packages

Every Business is different and google treats it that way, so if you are a local business or national brand we will create a plan that works for your business.

To keep our pricing simple we put together packages, but to get full details and list of deliverables fill in the audit request and we will send you an introductory audit free of charge ($150 USD value).

On-Site SEO Touchpoints

Heading Tags


Content optimized for keywords

On-page interlinks

On-page external links

UX audit and suggestions

Meta descriptions

Blog and Content Marketing

Alt-image tags

Website speed 

Image and resource compression

Link silo structure

Schema Mark UP

Script / plugin consolidation

Broken links



Off -Site SEO Touchpoints

Backlink Profile Audit

Competitor Keyword Audit

Competitor Backlink Profile Audit

Backlink strategic Plan and Est. cost analysis

Whitehat outreach for backlinks

Social network set up

Google My Business Set Up/ Optimization

Map data submittal

Guest posting

Data scraping

Server and CDN recommendations

Directory and aggregator submittal

Google Analytics set up

Google search console set up and optimization

301 redirects

100%  Guaranteed improvements

We guarantee that you will be happy with our services, if not you will receive a full refund we stand by our work and respect your business.


“First: Focus on searcher intent. What is the searcher really trying to achieve and how is your content helping them reach this goal?”

Simon Ensor ,

 Explinations On-page SEO

On-page or On-Site SEO refers to all items that can be edited on your website. We optimized and manipulate 31 touch points that Google uses in its algorithm to rank sites, Those include optimized content text and images, your content structure, interlinking, external linking, meta data, sitemaps and many other technical touch points. We make it as easy as possible for Googles crawlers to read, categorize and place your site at the top.

On-page SEO can be compared to a car and the Off-page SEO can be seen as the gas. You need both in order for your website to accelerate at great speed. If you are getting lots of high authority links and other Off-page metrics but your On-page SEO touch points are mess your site will move very slowly or not at all. You need to have your On-page SEO optimized to really make use of that gas you have been paying for.

Your design and layout are very important in 2019 Google is now looking at a websites user interactions heavily. When someone opens your website, Google tracks what they do. If your website is slow to load or it is just too confusing and the user bounces right back to the search results Google is going to see this as the user not getting the information they wanted and Google will dock your website for not fulfilling the user’s needs. Googles main directive is to give its users the most relevant search results for what they are looking for. The user’s satisfaction is what drives the mechanisms behind all SEO. So making sure you have great User Interaction (UX) and On-page SEO is crucial for your success

How We Show You Results

Maybe you are  worried about purchasing services from a digital marketing optimization company, You may have been burned in the past and sold a dream but just left with a nice report and a disdain for SEOs.

Authority Apex is different we are fully transparent about what we do for you, we track and show you the work done and you will be able to access proof of our work at all times in a live work log.

SEO is not snake oil and it will not cure all your business woes, We would love to say we will put you in the number one spot every time for every keyword but high volume keywords have a lot of competition, But long tail keywords and location specific terms can find you solid streams of revenue producing traffic.


Where You Will See Improvements

  • Rank position for each keyword
  • The number of keywords
  • The number of backlinks
  • Website speed
  • Overall page rank
  • Robot.txt files, Sitemaps
  • On-page edits
  • Stunning Content Captivating your customers

 Explinations Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to everything done related to your site that takes place on another website, or application. This includes items like backlinks, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Social Networks, and your server. Google looks at hundreds of off-page signals to help rank and place your website. Authority Apex goes through and optimizes these touch points in our packages

Off-page SEO tactics will vary a lot more than On-page tactics per industry  For some industries Backlinks may be super important for other businesses like a Local Business they may not hold as much importance. We will assess and then also track what we do off-page, there is full transparency on how we are improving your sites rankings.

“Focusing on quality [backlinks] over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates.”

Adam Riemer ,


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really Guarantee your Service?

Yes, 100%. We are not a company that needs or wants to 10x our client base we prefer to bring real value to hard working entrepreneur’s like you, and if for some reason you are unsatisfied we will refund your current monthly package rate.

What is included in your Packages?

SEO is a complicated subject so defining what we will supply in each package comes off too brass, Contact us for a free audit  and we will give you a full list of monthly deliverables custom for your business.

Client Testimonials

"Worth Every Penny"

Their research and up-to-date knowledge in SEO and website development meant that our website not only looked much better but also performed much better too. Bryan and AuthorityApex we’re quick in their turn around and were worth every penny.

Iestyn Stops, Entrepreneur

"Their Attention to Detail"

I used their service extensively. Their attention to detail and depth of understanding for web and SEO is great! They can take care of you needs for beginning to end.

Eric Southwick, 8Adventures


We are result driven, focused on the ROI of our service. We love seeing companies get more leads, improve their sales, and strengthen their brands. We are a hardworking transparent company, you will have full carte blanch to our systems while working with us. Our results are real and track able, we will map out what our effects our solutions produced. We make sure that our services will make a significant improvement in your business. And of course our work is guaranteed by the owner an lead SEO Bryan Schwartz.

 Past Clients

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